Tattoo Master Magazine Product Feature: BLKPOWDER

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Launched at Tattoo Jam 2013, BLKPOWDER, is a new product from medical waste experts, Greener Options.

Licensed waste disposal company, Greener Options, has been involved with the tattoo industry for a number of years, therefore, bringing out a custom product for the tattoo market was a logical step for them. Dirty water and liquids can be troublesome at times so the quickest and best way to deal with it is to turn it into a solid form, thus removing the possibility of leaks and spills.

It all started when Holly Bond (Operations Manager) went to see tattooist, Paul Talbot, in 2013. For many people, including Paul, the idea of pouring contaminated water directly into the water supply was not an option, as he says, “I’ve always been uncomfortable with the existing practice  of artists carrying contaminated fluids through the studio and felt there must be a way to clean and dispose of all contaminated waste within the ‘dirty zone’ that is the artist’s station. Zonal pathogen control is, in my opinion, the safest way to avoid the cross contamination challenges faced in a busy studio as our industry is moving towards single-use, fully disposable, working methods I felt that a product that could make the ‘wet waste’ disposable would be a significant step forward”

The legal impacts and implications of working as a tattoo artist range in many ways. The Environmental Agency (EA) continually updates legislature and being aware of these matters is not only sensible but in addition you, as a tattoo artist, have a duty to care legally. There are signs that the EA are looking to tighten up on waste policies so being aware of them is important to avoid being caught out unnecessarily. Hazardous waste is a topic that is coming to the forefront especially with artists, like Kevin Paul, publicly pushing for regulation of the tattoo industry.Globally, different countries have different policies on how to deal with hazardous waste, potentially hazardous waste, and bio-medical waste. In addition, different water companies use different methods to clean the water. In non-target areas they use less aggressive methods, meaning more dirty water might be passing through the system. This does raise questions such as, are artists fully aware of how much they are contaminating their environment without even realizing it, or, how many people know exactly what they are legally allowed to put down the sink in their region?

It was a result of looking at all these questions that BLKPOWDER was born as a one-stop solution to cover all of these issues. With the most important aspect being that when clinical or hazardous waste is solid you are preventing it from entering the water system.


So how does it work?

In short BLKPOWDER is a solidifying powder that is quick, efficient, and safe. Simply pour a cap full of the powder into a liquid and let the water solidify before disposing via a clinical waste bag. Paul Talbot adds, “BLKPOWDER has a large grain formulation so it cannot be inhaled like other powders on the market and it only takes a tiny amount (1/2 teaspoon for an entire rinse cup) to do its job, so it’s also extremely cost effective.

Working Together, BLKPOWDER and Greener Options use their knowledge and skills to provide cleaner and safer clinical waste procedures whilst targeting different sectors of waste industries, Greener Options provide the back end disposal system and medical waste for people like Acorns Hospice, NHS & Jazz Events, whilst BLKPOWDER is the start of a number of products that will be designed specifically for the tattoo market.

Currently Star Tattoo Supplies, Killer Ink, Abstract Silver and Tattoo UK distribute in the UK, and recently BLKPOWDER were proud to announce that the product would be available in America exclusively through US based King Pin tattoo Supplies. Closer to home EU countries are being supplied via Barbers DTS.

BLKPOWDER has been keen to be involved building ties with studios and tattoo artists globally in order to provide products that people out in the field want to use. If you are at a show and want a demo, or just want to talk to someone about the product, drop over to their booth to chat to Emma who does all their conventions. Alternatively, drop them a tweet or an email. TM

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