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Valor by TATSoul by Tatu Richie

by on Aug.21, 2015, under Supply Review

By Tatu Richie from Rotary Tattoo Forum


Valor by TATSoul

I just received my valor direct from tatsoul, upon opening the package i was quite impressed with the presentation with the box, once opened i was blown away on the size of the machine, its small , which is awesome, and lite and feels very comfortable in the hand. enclosed was an allen key , cartridge cap to run the cartridge system and comes stock with the magnetic cap for standard needles, i was lucky enough to also receive all three stroke cams and a tube of super lube and instructions on how to care for ur new valor rotary. the machine itself is red and very sleek looking, (like a lambo). I plugged it in just to hear it run, its very quite and very smooth… i changed the stock cam of 3.5 to the 2.5 cam , it was really easy to change out….

that was the day i got the machine, the following day i had an appt so i was able to use the machine, now keep in mind i have been all hawks lately so i was a lil on the fence with using a diff setup, i had a phoenix to do in bng and red flames, so i onle did bng with the valor, i loaded a curved 7 mag in my stainless tube and with ease i was able to put the rig in without any issues. im not crazy about the needle tensioners but this one on the valor is quite pleasant. once i lined the piece i stated to use the valor for shading, i ran it at 8.0 on my critical and it gave me nice pepper shade for the wings, i lowered the volts to 7.0 and then i was able to give a very smooth blend on some smooth shading. the flames on the tattoo were solid red, so again i gave the valor a whirl, and damn gotta say it put the red in the skin with much ease, i cant wait to use it some more and give a more in depth review, i can just imagine how nice its gonna be with bigger grouping mags, also i will be doin some lining as well, so i will add more to this thread…

as far as what this machine is compared too? well its in a class of its own, its a must have and i can see this valor being an everyday successful machine, cant wait to switch out the cart piece so i can use a cart with it… i was worried it would be like a vivace, but like i said its very small. and deff not like a vivace. much better and smoother and more consistant machine, it is slightly louder then a vivace, yet very quite. i strongly suggest putting machine money to the side and picking one of these up.

Billy from tatsoul u went far and beyond with this, i take my hat of to u. well done sir and its a sexxxy bitch 

Tatu Richie
Owner of Holy Cow Tattoo in Woodstock, GA

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