Friction Prime Disposable Tubes

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Seriously love these tubes!

I had to adjust my last tube review because these ones just bumped up the competition. They are the easiest and most practical tubes to work with.

These tubes were purchased from Friction Tattoo Supply:


Friction, Disposable Prime Tubes – 1″ grips
I went with the 1″ grips as I tend to lean towards most of the time. Pictured left to right is the 9 mag, 13 mag, 5 round liner and 7 diamond liner.
What’s new about these tubes?
Acrylic tube and tip:
I think the biggest deal to be made about these is that they have an acrylic tube and tip running through the grip. The perfectly clear tip makes it super easy to see what is going on inside with your color and needles. It saves time and doubt when you are wondering if you got your tip clean enough to go from a dark color to white or other lighter color.









Silica gel grip:

The purple grip is really comfy with a minimal amount of squish yet just soft enough. It provides plenty of grip from the studded surface and fits nicely in the hand. I wear a medium glove and I like to use the 1? grip for tattooing all day long.

Tip size shown on tip:

Friction decided to eradicate any doubt of a tubes size by engraving it right on the tip. It allows you to make a quick selection if some tubes get mixed up in the wrong box.



The Good

They are pretty much perfect. Super clear and easy to use.

The Bad

Can’t say anything bad about these.
Friction Tattoo, Disposable Prime Tubes Overview

There are three types of tubes I am reviewing in this article:

1? grip, 9 mag tip

1? grip, 13 mag tip

1? grip, 3 round tip

1? grip, 7 diamond tip

In The Box

Friction Prime disposable tubes – 1″ grip, 9 mag tip (25 in one box)
Friction Prime disposable tubes – 1″ grip, 13 mag tip (25 in one box)
Friction Prime disposable tubes – 1″ grip, 3 round tip (25 in one box)
Friction Prime disposable tubes – 1″ grip, 7 diamond tip (25 in one box)

Friction Prime, Disposable Tubes Score:

prime tube rating

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