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by on Nov.13, 2015, under Supply Review

By: Matt L, INKquire





Todays review is about an incredible tattoo machine that I recently bought.
Now…in my iPhone I have a ‘note’ with a loooong list of machine builders that I’ve come across during my time as a tattoo artist. I hope to eventually add a little ‘check’ icon next to each name on this ever growing list of mine. So far I’ve checked off 3 of 20. I have some way to go.

I needed a machine that I could use for bigger outline needle groupings. When it came time to make a purchase I took a look at that long list and said, “Shit!! Where do I begin?!” With so many extremely respectable names on this list of mine, it was hard to pick one to check off. Seth Ciferri, Keith B, Rob Rutherford…I know they all make quality machines…I want them all…now!! But my budget simply wouldn’t allow. I finally decided on a Norm machine. I had been following his tattoo work for a while, and would check his website almost daily just to look at the machines he posted. A friend and fellow tattooer encouraged me, saying “Go for it, the dude is known for his machines!! I’ve wanted one for a while too!” So made the order and waited impatiently for my machine to arrive in the

Opening a little cardboard box with a brand new tattoo machine inside mailed directly from a tattoo artist that is an inspiration to you and your work encourages feelings that are indescribable. For me anyway…I don’t get much excitement in my life, I love receiving new tattoo equipment in the mail. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

I was extremely excited to use my new purchase. Within the first couple of tattoos that I had done with my new Norm machine I knew that I had made the right decision. I was actually surprised at how well the machine packed in such a solid outline. I had used a couple of machines in the past for bigger outliners but none would come close to comparing to my new Norm machine. I had a Dan Folwer Time Machine which was ok, and a Paco Rollins’ machine that for some reason would never allow me to get a solid outline in. The new Norm machine literally is like tattooing with a Sharpie. It runs super smooth and puts in a solid line every time. Im not putting down the other 2 machines, they just didn’t seem to work for me. I felt like I would almost always have some empty spots in the outline that I would have to go back and hit again.

One thing I noticed right away about the Norm machine, which I had never seen on any other machine I owned or used, is that instead of one front and one rear spring, Norm just used one solid spring. I don’t know much about machine building or tuning, so I don’t know what kind of advantage this gives to the machine other than maybe it offers a more solid hit because there is no break in the spring? Im not sure, but as I said, it definitely caught my eye.

Norms creative style of tattooing definitely carries into his machine building. I always see tattoo machines as little sculptures and Norm’s machines are definitely that. That point is what also makes machines so fun to collect. Each builder has their own creative style and mojo that makes their machines unique. The machine that I got has a simple frame design but also has his signature Louis Vuitton coil covers which I love.

All in all its a great machine, it looks awesome, its light weight and comfortable and most importantly packs in super solid lines. I can honestly say I will be buying more of Norm’s tattoo machines and would definitely recommend them to everyone. But I also think you should all make a little ‘note’ in your phone or spiral notebook if you’re old school and make a little list and experiment with all of the equipment you can!! Theres so many great builders out there its hard to try them all. I’d love to hear some machine recommendations from you guys!!



Thanks for reading!!!
Check out Norm’s website and check out one of his machines for yourself!!!

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